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I’m Kathryn Gordon, a wife, a mother, businesswoman, real estate investor, movie producer, best-selling author of Relationship Grit and host of the Kathryn for Real podcast.  My story is woven with the imperfections, struggles and joys of motherhood and marriage.
My book, Relationship GRIT, was inspired through conversations at the grocery store in the produce department where friends would share how they were struggling in their marriage. I realized that many couples, no matter how long they were married, needed guidance in building strong, lasting communication and connection in their relationships.
In my book, my husband Jon and I share some of the difficult experiences we went through, and how we repaired our relationship so that you can learn the tools to build and sustain a healthy marriage. 
I started my podcast “Kathryn for Real” because I call it like I see it and love giving real relationship advice as well as tips to get better in all facets of life. Which includes sharing my favorite health hacks. I call this my “second act” and I hope you join me and “enjoy the show”.

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