Huddle to Hardcover - Alex Demczak

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How did Alex Demczak go from a college quarterback to bestselling author? Instead of feeding his own agenda, his agenda was to add value, be helpful and build trust as a mentee. He’s a great example of what anyone who wants to rise in their profession should do.

On this week’s episode of “Kathryn For Real”, I have former SEC Quarterback, top keynote speaker, trainer for the Jon Gordon Companies and bestselling co-author of “The Sale”.

Alex is also the co-founder of “Streamline Books”, a turnkey publishing company that takes your thoughts for a book and turns them into a fully published masterpiece in a fast 16-week timespan.

In this episode, you’ll hear how Alex approached his mentorship and how he’s now helping others write and publish their own books.


Kathryn Gordon


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