EP 17: Building Generational HEALTH - Austin and Fantasia McGuffie

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On this episode of the Kathryn For Real podcast, Kathryn Gordon is joined by Austin and Fantasia McGuffie who are on a lifelong mission to build generational health in their family and inspiring others across the world to do the same!

Austin is also known as the Metabolism Mentor and enjoys making metabolism easy to digest for the average person!

Fantasia is a woman’s health advocate and loves sharing her transparent journey of becoming!

They are both very hands on with their own 4 children’s nutrition, but also take a unique-hands off approach as well. They believe that if they give their kids adequate tools and education, they can make wise decisions for themselves. Or not… and will ultimately learn from their failure and hopefully course correct! They’ve coined this philosophy, Self Directed Nutrition and have the pleasure of teaching it along with exercise together at The Forest School in Fayetteville, Ga.

When they’re not teaching the kids at the school or caring for their own, they’re hard at work on their newest baby, Noiresh (a play on the words nourish and noir). It is a health focused production company created to amplify black voices in health and works with other creators and brands to fulfill that mission.

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