Nurse to Multi-Millionaire Investor - Cayla Craft

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On this weeks episode of the Kathryn For Real podcast, Kathryn is happily joined by Cayla Craft, creator of “Crafted Entrepreneur”, designed to empower you to create more assets and less liabilities.

Starting as an ER nurse, Cayla then transitioned to making millions in multi-level marketing but with no money mentors or financial know-how, she spent more than she took in. As she recognized her own unhealthy money habits, she committed to educating herself on entrepreneurship, investment, and building generational wealth.

Now, through intensive one-on-one business consulting and exclusive mentoring groups, she shares her wisdom and shows clients how to take control of their earning power, build lucrative multi-dimensional businesses, and live abundant lives.

If you’ve ever wanted to change your money habits, been interested in real estate, or wanted to increase your general wealth, you won’t want to miss this episode!

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