Simple Strategies to Inspire High Performance - Dave Gordon

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On this weeks episode of The Kathryn For Real Podcast, Kathryn is joined by her brother-in-law, Dave Gordon.

Dave is an internationally recognized brand, marketing and communications expert. He is an inspirational leader, speaker, and author with a mission to help people identify, communicate, and deliver their unique value to build stronger personal, team and corporate brands.

Dave is the co-founder of Gordon Creative, a brand alignment and communications consultancy. He is also the Chief Marketing Officer of Gallagher Bassett, a billion-dollar global risk management company, dedicated to helping clients limit the impact of risk on their business and their people.

His book, TIP: A Simple Strategy to Inspire High Performance and Lasting Success, is a multiple award-winning business book for anyone looking to advance their career with a stronger reputation, more recognition and improved results.

Dave is a graduate of The Johns Hopkins University. He’s not a doctor, but he did play one on TV.


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