EP 65: Breast Implants EXPOSED - Dr. Kevin Brenner & Amanda Porta

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On this week’s episode of Kathryn For Real, Kathryn interviews Board Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, Kevin Brenner, MD and Holistic Beauty Coach, Amanda Porta, to discuss Breast Implant Illness.

Dr. Brenner performs all types of plastic surgery and has become widely known for his primary and revision breast surgery. As most of you know, Kathryn became severely ill from her breast implants. After doing numerous shows, documentaries, magazine interviews and podcasts, women (and some men) have reached out to her seeking answers to questions from “How do I know my implants are making me sick?” to “Do you know a Dr that is experienced in explanting and knows to remove the capsule?”

Kathryn was excited when Amanda reached out to her after she heard her breast implant story on The Kathryn For Real podcast. She’s a patient advocate at Dr Brenner’s office for women dealing with Breast Implant Illness. After experiencing the illness herself, she has helped thousands of women detox, and heal through their own explant journeys.

Kathryn’s goal in their interview was to ask the questions to get the answers you would want to know.



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