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For Kathryn’s 100th episode of Kathryn For Real, she recorded her family having a FAMILY MEETING.  This idea came about as she is often asked for great tips on raising kids and ways to keep a family together in a world that always seems to be pulling us apart. Without a doubt, the best thing she ever did to develop a strong family was her weekly family meeting.Each Sunday, they would meet as a family and Jon would read a devotional, an article or share an inspirational video. Next, they would discuss their family mission statement and how they were living it. Remind each other of their “One Word” for the year and talk about how that was going. Then, each family member would share a challenge they were dealing with, while the other family members would offer solutions.They learned things that the kids were dealing with that they would have never known without having these meetings. They helped them create a bond that still lasts to this day.Some might say “We eat dinner together as a family. Isn’t that good enough?” … Of course, it’s great to eat together, but Kathryn found with a busy family whose kids play sports or have a lot of activities, it’s not always easy to eat together. Scheduling a weekly family meeting and making it a priority ensures you will connect more with each other.Now, let’s face it, busyness and stress can cause a family to run in circles to the point you don’t invest in what matters most … your relationships.

If you miss a week, you must keep at it. Keep scheduling it. Keep fighting for it. Family meetings help you create a strong and calm foundation in the midst of chaos.

From The Gordon Family to yours, we hope this is your best year yet!

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Gordon Family Meetings - 100th Episode | The Whole Gordon Family