EP 58: The Miracle Morning to Living Your Optimum Life - Hal Elrod

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On this week’s episode of Kathryn For Real, Kathryn sits down with Hal Elrod, the author of The Miracle Morning Series.

After being hit by a drunk driver at over 70 miles per hour, Hal’s heart and lungs had stopped working. Hal was rushed to the hospital where he spent 6 days in a coma, only to awaken to a new unimaginable reality of being told he would never walk again.

Harnessing the power of unwavering faith, Hal took his first steps just three weeks after being pronounced dead.
Hal decided from this point forward to dedicate his life to becoming the person he needed to be in order to turn his life around by creating The Miracle Morning

Listen to this week’s episode to learn the S.A.V.E.R.S practices to living your life to its fullest potential.



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