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About 9 months ago, Kathryn was struggling with a lot of negative thoughts.

This was new for her. She was always the positive one. The person that saw the glass as half full. But she had fallen into this negative loop of self loathing and doom.  “I have no energy. Im sore. I’m getting old. I’ll never lose this weight, It’s too late to..” (fill in the blank here because it seemed she thought it was too late to change anything!)

She would share her self-loathing and angst with Jon.

Now for a little back story, Jon used to be the negative one.  She was the one that would speak life into him, but through his own practices and writing over the years he changed his mindset and was about to complete his next book The One Truth, a book to help elevate your mind and heal your soul.  She didn’t think it’s a coincidence that she somehow had become like the very person this book was written to help.

So, he was fresh from doing a lot of research on the subject. He said, “Kathryn you’re tuned into the wrong channel. The negative channel.”

He was right!!

He gave the analogy of “it’s like when you get in your car and the radio comes on. It’s set on a channel. You have to change that channel to get different music. So you have to change your own channel. You have to TUNE into the positive.”

At that same time, Kathryn started working with a health and wellness company and had a whole bloodwork up done. When the results came back there were a few things that needed some attention. But nothing serious or irreversible. Her cholesterol and blood sugar was creeping up. But then her nutritionist said “Now this is unique and something that isn’t common.” Kathryn held her breath preparing for the bad news.

“Based on your DNA you are in the ULTRA class. You have the genes for ultra performance in endurance sports. You have a substantial genetic advantage that’s seen in Olympic Athletes.”

Ha! What? That’s fantastic news! All the sudden she pulled her shoulders back and sat up taller. “Well, what do you know, I have the genes of an Olympic Athlete!”, Kathrny said.

You see, while raising her athletic kids she would always say, “You know if I had parents like me (that were so involved in the kids’ sports), I would have been an Olympic Athlete. Kathryn would go on to say that her kids got HER athletic genes, I mean both of them have her body type, not Jon’s after all. At which point, Jon would laugh and say, Honey I’m the D-1 athlete. You didn’t even play sports in school. But there it was! There is no denying Kathryn’s Olympic genes!

This news changed everything for her.  She felt stronger. She had more energy. She started working out consistently, she ate better. She even started dropping weight. She felt hopeful again.

What changed?

Her thinking. It went from “I am old” to “I AM an Olympic Athlete”. That’s it. She changed her mindset!

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I am - Kathryn and Jon Gordon