EP 30: How to Climb Your Way to a Bold, Brave & Beautiful Life - Jenn Drummond

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We all have goals we want to achieve, big and small … but is your mindset holding you back?

In this episode of the Kathryn For Real Podcast, host Kathryn Gordon is joined by Jenn Drummond – Mom of 7, Mogul & Mountaineer.

After a life-changing accident, Jenn is chasing an inspiring goal to become the first woman in history to complete all of the Seven Second Summits.

Each mountain she climbed has taught Jenn a new life lesson that she lives to share with the world!

I love Jenn’s quote – “Let’s all chase our summits together”.

I cannot wait to hear your feedback on how the takeaways of this episode may have helped you achieve personal goals of your own!


*Jenn is currently on her second attempt at K2! This is a very dangerous mountain to climb! Only 377 people have reached the summit to date.

You can follow her daily summit notes & even track her while she climbs by visiting her website Bold, Brave & Beautiful Life (boldbravebeautiful.com)

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