EP 42: Forreal Fit - Lauren Kleban

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On this week’s episode, Kathryn sits down with LEKFIT creator, Lauren Kleban.

Lauren is a Fitness expert and celebrity trainer who created the hit sensation LEKFIT, a less time-consuming workout program specifically designed to create muscle and burn fat by using music based fun and energetic workouts. Drawing inspiration from her jazz, ballet, burlesque and yoga backgrounds, the program uses intervals of low impact, high intensity and fat burning cardio with muscle sculpting techniques – and also empowers and promotes body love and acceptance.

Kathryn started using LEKFIT when she wasn’t able to go to the gym during Covid and could not believe the results! She truly felt more toned and was able to see the changes in her muscle definition, which was very exciting!

Stream this week’s episode to learn more about Lauren’s unique business model and how she continues to expand her following throughout the L.A Market as well as her online presence.

Use Code “FORREAL10” for 10% OFF an Annual Subscription to LEKFIT digital!

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