How To Combat Skin Aging - Dr. Carolina Oliveira

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Kathryn grew up around water. Be it the beach or intracoastal waterway, she was always boogie-boarding, body surfing, waterskiing or just “laying out” with baby oil. 
As an adult, she plays tennis in the Florida sun. Her skin has taken a beating. She has sunspots to prove it. Kathryn decided to go to a Med-Spa and do a laser on her arms to remove the sunspots. She had done it once before and had seen a noticeable difference. The spots were lighter, so a few months later she went in for one more round. She thought that would do the trick. Well, as the technician was firing the laser, it didn’t seem right, and Kathryn kept seeing a spark and a sound she had never heard before. She kept questioning the technician, but she said it was “okay”. This is one of those times when Kathryn knew better but I didn’t stop the treatment.

A week later, the skin on Kathryn’s arms was crinkly, dried up and flat, the sunspots were still there. She kept hoping her skin would recover, but weeks turned into months, months turned into YEARS. 5 years to be exact!! Since then, she has tried every cream you can think of over these last 5 years, and nothing has helped. 

So, a few months ago, she saw a friend of hers online talking about this new product “ONE SKIN” that reverses the age of your skin. That it improved the texture of eye skin by 133 percent! Kathryn thought maybe … just maybe, this was different. Kathryn called her friend and asked him to give me the real scoop. He said “you must try it yourself … it’s amazing”. He then had One Skin send her some products to try. Kathryn told the rep if it could improve the skin on my arms then she was sold as I’ve tried every product under the sun (pun intended), and nothing has helped.
In all honesty, Kathryn is always being sent products to promote in my newsletter and on my podcast but most never make it to her social media because she won’t talk about anything that she can’t personally vouch for. Well … Kathryn is SO HAPPY to report that she has seen a remarkable difference in her eye skin, face and … the real test for her, there is a huge difference in the skin on her arms. It looks younger and the texture has improved significantly. It doesn’t look crepey and old anymore. One Skin is the ONLY product that has been able to do this!!!

Listen to this episode as Kathryn talks to the founder of One Skin, Dr. Carolina Oliveira. She explains how OS-01 was discovered and is asked questions about this peptide that we all want to know.

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