EP 61: Unfiltered & Unafraid - Rachel Luna

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On this week’s episode of Kathryn For Real, Kathryn stays “REAL” & Rachel Luna keeps it “UNFILTERED”.
Rachel Luna is a Certified Master Coach, International Speaker, Forbes rated “Top 11 Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs” and Chief Confidence Creator.

Fueled by the phrase “life’s too short to continue living other people’s dreams”, Rachel has dedicated over 10 years to 1:1 coaching to help remarkable people gain confidence and begin taking action upon their life.

Rachel has also released a new book, “Permission to Offend: The Compassionate Guide for Living Unfiltered and Unafraid” that has been rated the #1 new release in Women and Business on Amazon.

Stream and share this week’s episode to learn Rachel’s strategies to taking control of your life and living your dreams.



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