EP 38: Gut Check - Rachel Scheer

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On this weeks episode of Kathryn for Real, join your host, Kathryn as she gets gutsy with Rachel Scheer, a Certified Functional Medicine Nutritionist. Rachel is a Baylor Alumni, competitive body builder, fitness model and owns her own private nutrition and counseling practice. A few years into her practice Rachel began to realize even though she looked as healthy and stronger than ever on the outside, internally was a completely different story. Rachel began to suffer from severe gastrointestinal dysfunction and received many false diagnoses of what the issues could be from. After receiving a final suggestion to have her entire large intestine removed Rachel took her health into her own hands and has since used her knowledge in nutrition and dietetics to become an expert on all things gut health and hormone balance. Rachel has spent time working with clients using a functional approach to help others with overall health, following the philosophy that all disease begins and ends in the gut. Listen in to this weeks episode to learn more tips and tricks of what you can do to optimize your health!

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