EP 37: How to Pull Greatness from Yourself and from Your Children - Rhea Lalla

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On this week’s episode of Kathryn For Real, join Kathryn as she discusses Parenting and Relationships with Rhea Lalla – a Parenting and Relationship speaker, author and coach.

Rhea has spent more than 20 years as an EQ Specialist and Certified Relationship Coach, working with the United Nations, UNICEF, as well as other fortune 500 companies. She has created the EQ curriculum for both parents and kids at The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Schools. Rhea’s articles, live events, courses and books have been featured on CBC radio, newspapers, TV, and magazines such as Elephant Journal, Today’s Parent and CityLife.

Listen in as Kathryn and Rhea discuss the pleasures of being a parent and how to support and inspire your children by connecting with them, emotionally, to pull out their greatness from within!

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