Finding Freedom in Fitness - Robin Long

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Join Kathryn on this weeks podcast as she dives into a conversation on body image, true health and well-being with the mastermind behind the Lindywell app, the woman who’s been turning fitness norms upside down for a whole decade. Robin Long.  She isn’t just a Pilates instructor; she’s the Sherlock Holmes of holistic health, here to decode the mystery of true well-being.

In this episode, Robin spills the beans on her latest book, Well to the Core. Buckle up, fitness enthusiasts, because Robin’s serving us ten core components to achieve well-being and get us moving towards a whole lifestyle revolution! Robin’s not about to feed you the same old fitness fairy tales. She’s all about ditching the rules, embracing self-kindness, and sprinkling a little grace on top. Forget the rigid regimes; it’s time to find joy in movement, nourish that mind and body, and cultivate a love affair with yourself. Trust us; you’ll be on your feet, ready to conquer the world (or at least that morning jog) by the end.

So, grab your water bottle, stretch those limbs, and get ready for a dose of inspiration and empowerment. From relatable anecdotes to practical strategies, this episode is a masterclass in achieving overall well-being.

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