How To "INpower" Your Life - Rudi Riekstins

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Hi there! I hope you’re excited for the latest episode of the Kathryn For Real podcast! This week Kathryn is featuring Rudi Riekstins. Rudi is an accomplished entrepreneur, international speaker, author, and coach with over two decades of experience impacting thousands of individuals through his training and online courses.

Rudi has been recognized as a Top Coach by Thrive Global and has been honored by Business Insider as a top 20 Thought Leader in 2021. He has coached individuals, ranging from start-up entrepreneurs to billionaire CEOs, on living more intentional and purposeful lives.

Rudi’s coaching philosophy revolves around helping his clients become the most successful person they know by bringing mindfulness and consciousness into every aspect of daily life, especially within business.

I hope this helps provide some insight into Rudi Riekstins and his work!

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