So, You Want To Be a Speaker? - Kathryn and Jade

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Hey friends! 

Kathryn couldn’t wait to let you know – she just dropped a fresh episode of the “Kathryn For Real” podcast! In this episode, she’s diving into the world of speaking, and guess who’s joining the party? Kathryn’s daughter, Jade Gordon. Now a professional speaker, she talks with her about fear and doubt and overcoming negative thoughts, to getting on stage and sharing a message that will impact others.
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If you have ever wanted to share your story or get on stage and speak, this episode is for you! Kathryn and Jade talk about what it’s like to start speaking, dish out practical tips, and sprinkle in some wisdom to fuel your journey to becoming a successful speaker.
Kathryn hopes their experiences, challenges and lessons will encourage you to take the leap.

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