EP 20: From Vulnerable to Victorious - Tori Geiger

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On this episode of the Kathryn for Real podcast, Kathryn Gordon is joined by Tori Geiger.

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Tori is a congenital heart defect survivor and has undergone multiple open-heart surgeries and procedures throughout her life including a life-changing visit to the ER where she narrowly escaped cardiac arrest and was defibrillated 3 times. Sharing her story of resilience and lessons for living victoriously, Tori is a bestselling author of the book, From Vulnerable to Victorious: Turning Your Chronic Illness Into Your Victory Story.

Growing up, she was an avid athlete, participating in volleyball, basketball, and track in high school. She went on to play volleyball at Corban University and later join the track team at George Fox University as a high jumper.

With a heart for others affected by chronic illnesses such as CHD, Toristarted a lifestyle blog where she shares lifestyle and chronic illness tips. Part of her mission is to have a “heart that beats for others.”  Tori does this through her blog and chronic illness coaching program where she coaches CHD warriors on creating a game plan to thrive with CHD and use their experiences for impact and purpose.

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